Murulidhar KS is the founder and National director of the National Crime Control Board (NCCB) and founder and president of NAVA PARVA Foundation. He has completed several degrees including engineering. M tech in thermal power engineering at axford college of engineering and has a Ph. D in in the field of biogas. Murulidhar has published a number of journals, presented papers at national and international conferences and discovered a number of projects related to renewable engergy resources. Murulidhar has also received many esteemed awards from national and international organizations including.


B. E.(LLB), M.Tech, (Ph. D), MASDF (London), LMISTE, MISHRAE, MIAENG, MVibha (Delhi)

“BEST FACULTY AWARD” received from Pondicherry Chief Minister, Thiru. V. Narayanaswamy in TESFA 2017.

“SHIKSHA BHARATHI“ National Award from Indian Achievers Forum (IAF), New Delhi.

“I2OR – OUTSTANDING EDUCATOR AWARD” from International Institute of Organized Research, Australia.

Received SIAA – 2018 “BEST YOUNG SCINTIST” AWARD FROM ASDF LONDON & also many more.

CORONA WARRIOR AWARD-2020 from smruthi Sadhana.

THE SPIRIT OF HUMANITY from Patil Foundation Vijayapura